Some site maintenance

Well I’m using my leisure time in Singapore to good effect.  Have just completed some “essential” site maintenance and organisation to make things a little easier for you all as we start publicising the blog.Firstly, you’ll see on the blog roll links two essential new ones you’ll want to try out.  One is “Subscribe via e-mail”.  If you’re not a fan of (or familar with) RSS for automatic updates, you might like to click on this and recieve an e-mail in your inbox once a day when we update — saves you checking the site all the time.We’ve also started using Picassa for all our London bound travel related photos.  The pictures you’ll now start seeing in the blog are in Picassa, and clicking on the link in the blog roll will let you browse the album.  Have a play, I’m trying to “geo code” (ie add the location) of all our shots and you can see where we were when we took them.