St Malo

On Sunday we decided to head over to St. Malo and check out the scenery. It’s interesting historically how interconnected all of these countries are, St, Malo is named after a Welsh saint. There is a very different feel to the old city of St. Malo from Dinard, while still very beautiful at the same time. It was mostly destroyed by allied bombing during the second world war, so it is all essentially reconstructed, although in the same style I believe.The old section of St. Malo is a walled city at the mouth of the Rance where it was well placed to protect and guard shipping traffic. It’s not, however, built for cars, and when we followed Paul and their new GPS, it took us right into the centre of the old town where we ended up on one way lanes (going the wrong way) and had fun getting out again! All was well however and we found a car park inside near the walls. We set off for a walk.


Tim, Karina, Kate and Ella on the walls of St. Malo


Like the rest of this coastline, the tides are very high. These baths are only visible at low tide, when the tide is up they are completely covered and the waves come up to the city walls. When the tide is out, you can walk to both islands in the background.


Warnings about crossing to Le Grande Be and Le Petit Be


The weather was a little cooler, but it didn’t stop Karina being very taken with the scenery.We walked along the city walls for a while, enjoying the views and the kids were all very excited when we saw the sand! Jasper in particular loved it, playing in his own little world until we had to go.


Drawing in the wet sand


Washing hands — this cycle continued for ages. Draw in the sand, wash hands, draw in the sand, wash hands.After letting the kids play, we headed back inside for lunch. It was really fun wandering the tiny little streets where there was very limited traffic.


Lunch in the city square


A great name for a cafeAfter lunch, we cruised the streets some more and then found the obligatory play-ground for the kids (and a chance for the adults to sit down and relax too).


Paul and Lisa enjoying the sun-shine


The kids enjoying the play-ground