St Nicholas

A European tradition is “St. Nicholas”.  He comes on the 5th of December and leaves chocolates in your slippers if you’ve been good.  Ella was at a friends house who is of European heritage and discovered about this tradition and decided it would be a good thing.Karina tried to suggest that St. Nicholas wouldn’t come as we don’t know about him, but the kids were determined, so, on Tuesday night, they left their slippers out for St Nicholas to fill with chocolate.  About 9PM, Ella came down to see Karina and told her that they had to fill the slippers for Jasper otherwise he’d be dissappointed that St Nicholas didn’t come and it would “spoil the magic”.As there was nothing in the house, Ella suggested Karina put the candy canes that the kids bought with their own money at the Wetlands into the slippers.  She told Karina to put hers in after she was asleep.Well, come the morning, they were all excited and St Nicholas had come and left them lollies in their slippers.  Jasper was very excited, but was then over heard telling Ella that St. Nicholas had taken their candy canes and moved them from the cupboard.I’m currently in Tampa, and when I spoke with the kids this afternoon (Friday), Jasper said to me (very excitedly) “Dad, St Nicholas came and he stole my candy cane from the cupboard and put it in my shoe!”.