Strict schools

Did you know that when the kids are playing outside at school, and it’s time to come back into the classroom, a teacher appears in the yard and blows a whistle; then all the kids freeze!! It’s so weird – they’re under such control at school. I was in the school yard yesterday and witnessed this. After the whistle has been blown once and the kids have stopped in their tracks, the teacher looks around the yard and publicly shames any child caught moving. If they see too many kids moving, the whole school misses out on playtime the next day. Tough childhood.When the whistle blows the second time, all the kids walk calmly back to their classes and line up outside their classroom doors. When they enter the classroom, the teacher counts backwards from 3 and the kids have to do the following:3: Zip their mouths shut2: Wiggle their fingers in the air1: Sit down and listen with their arms foldedAnd Ella did it all! Mind you, when she gets home she lashed out terribly after having been controlled so much at school all day!