The bird life

I’m not sure if it’s because we have been away and therefore it’s more obvious, or perhaps the drought is driving birds to places like the Darebin Parklands more often; regardless we have noticed more birdlife this spring than ever before.


This little fella crashed into the window and then had 5 kids clustering around him. No wonder he/she went into shock! We placed him in the sun somewhere quiet and after about 15 minutes he recovered and flew off.


To the great excitement of the kids, they found this nest low down in the wormwood next to their trampoline. It had three small eggs in it. We came back later to take a photo and found mama bird sitting on the nest.Two days later, to Ella’s great delight the eggs already hatched and here’s the outcome. We are trying not to disturb the nest and the mother too much, but the kids are really thrilled to watch the adult birds fly in and out and to see how these little ones develop.


It’s hard to estimate the size from the photo, but these little guys are about the size of a 20c piece (slightly bigger than a 10p piece for our English readers).