The boxes have gone

Well today marks something of a milestone, we’ve packed and shipped our boxes that we are bringing home. It’s a little scary to think that 10 months ago we arrived with only 5 suitcases (actually 2 suitcases, 1 large carry bag, 1 suit bag and a back-pack), and now we are sending 6 tea-chests of stuff home, although we have lost one suitcase during the year.It’s just amazing how things accumulate. A lot of it is toys of various bulky descriptions that the kids have collected, often from second hand shops, but of course also birthdays and christmas. There are books (one book box worth) that I couldn’t bear to throw out (there are 2 book boxes worth I can which aren’t coming back but being donated to the school). General stuff really!We’ll be on that plane home before we know it, only 8 sleeps to go! I’ve also requested us all an upgrade (I’ve earnt plenty of points this year) although it’s not garuanteed, so fingers crossed, we will all fly business class as far as Singapore at least, and hopefully have enough points to go premium economy the rest of the way.