The Swan Resort

We stayed at one of the Walt Disney Resorts, which is located in the centre of the all the theme parks. It’s where Tim’s conference was held and was certainly handy for catching free shuttle buses between the attractions.It was tacky, tacky, tacky in terms of decor, but made us laugh all the same. Imagine, 2 giant plaster swans mounted on the rooftop of the resort, swan-themed fountains everywhere, apricot wallpaper, sage green walls and highly patterened carpet. A real throwback to the eighties and very over-the-top.There were 3 pools, 3 spas and an artificial lake with beach sand, hammocks, playground, and a bar near the pool. The best pool was the Grotto Pool with fake rocks and a waterslide. There was also a huge waterfall that fell into the pool and people swam through. It was low season, so the resort facilities were quite empty. The Lotushpere conference was full of IT geeks who didn’t use the pools much, but lounged about inside with laptops. The corridors and lobbies were full of them! Badly dressed, slightly smelly, bad haircuts, very ugly, no eye contact, etc. And that was the women – the men were even worse….Our room was small (say 3m x 6m), but we had 2 queen beds, large widescreen TV, great shower and a small room at the entrance to the bathroom that had a sink and bench space to make cofee, etc. It was enough, and quite comfortable. Interestingly, they did not provide cups and saucers, just paper cups and a coffee machine. The coffee and tea were UNDRINKABLE, so we bought our own drinks and cereals and tried to eat breakfasts in the room. Of course, the resort food prices were very expensive and it cost us over US$100 per day for meals.It was so nice having the beds made each day, and fresh towels, and bins emptied, and just feeling spoiled!


Ella swimming


A glimpse of our room