The top 10 things...

So lots of people have asked us what we are most looking forward to about going home, and what the things we will miss the most are as well. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 things…

Top 10 things we are looking forward to
Tim Karina
Molly Proper mayonnaise, ginger ale and a Cherry Ripe
Our house – proper hot water, decent kitchen, the deck, seeing the new bathroom etc. Having more space in a house and being able to get away from the kids
Driving the Moke The sound of birds in the park behind our house
Catching up with friends Having drinks with the Ivanhoe girls
Checking out the Ivanhoe shops Driving a car again – the freedom of going anywhere (not just where there’s public transport)
Catching up with the gossip at work Seeing my cookbooks again (I’ve been using the same 3 over the past 9 months)
Having a proper BBQ Playing CDs I’ve missed (Faith No More, Classics 100, Guns N Roses, Madonna, etc)
Having useful jobs to do around home — putting in a vegie patch. Walking along the Yarra and seeing the city
Walking in Darebin Parklands A big choice of Aussie wine (been living on Jacobs Creek mostly here)
a decent home computer Seeing how Darebin parklands, Ivanhoe shops, etc have changed

Top 10 things we will miss…
Tim Karina
The weather — not looking forward to a third winter in a row. School mums I see twice per day
Walking to work through the borough markets every day Long, green, glossy grass
Just being in LONDON!!!! The posh cafes and shops around the corner from our house
The job – exciting, big challenges, great recognition, good people to work with and the way the working from home is not only acceptable, it’s expected. Not working, and the luxury of deciding what I’ll do most days
The museums and attractions The free schools, medicines for kids, free doctor, subsidised school lunches, etc
Cheap continental food The busyness of a large city
Decent public transport The excellent kids TV shows
The friends we are making here now Having a cleaner who takes away all the dirty towels and sheets each week
“Proper” broadband and technology infrastructure — Australia is SOOOOO backwards in a lot of areas. The milkman (well not him, but the service. read, eggs, bacon and milk all delivered to our door)
The fact that for approx. $AU 180 tax inclusive, we can all fly return to Scotland, Ireland, Dublin, Spain etc. etc. etc. Leaving the sunshiney weather behind