Trip to Warwick - Day One

This weekend we travelled to stay with a colleague from work, Nigel Pigdon and his family — wife Alison, and two kids Annabel and Miles, both 9.  They live in a small village in the country near Warwick and Birmingham called Ullenhall.

It’s right in the country with small, twisting lanes surrounded by hedge rows, horses everywhere and lush green fields. It’s also a fair bit cooler than London, on Friday night the temperature dropped to about -5C.We arrived Friday evening by train, then on Saturday went to Warwick Castle. It has a really interesting history, having been commissioned by William the Conqueror (of battle of hastings, 1066 fame) and then owned by the parliamentarians (round heads) during the civil war. It was occupied right up until the 1970’s, when inheritance tax got the better of the family and they donated it. It’s now run and operated by the Tussauds group.It’s full of fascinating displays, all full of wax works figures and is in a very well preserved state. It’s well worth the visit.


Karina on the ramparts at Warwick castle.


Warwick Castle from the tallest tower.


The main dining room. In the 1900’s parties, including the Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill on at least one occasion, were entertained in this dining room.


There were lots of things for the kids to try and do. Jasper is wearing a replica helmet, held up by Annabel to keep it out of his eyes.


The four kids having fun.


Miles and Annabel on the foot bridge over the river avon, behind Warwick Castle.After the castle, we then went and lunched in a local pub while the kids played outside in the 6C weather and drizzle on the playground. Nigel took all the kids to the local Rugby club to watch the match while Karina and I went home with Alison, then the rest of the afternoon was spent at the Pigdon’s house, enjoying great company and all the toys and games. All the kids really got on well together and Jasper worshipped Miles who is just over 3 years older than him.


Jasper dressed up as Darth Vader.For dinner, the kids stayed home with a babysitter and we went with Nigel and Alison to a local “Gastro-Pub” and enjoyed a wonderful meal.