Universal Studios

This post is not written from personal experience, so Tim might elaborate later. I stayed in the hotel room with Jasper watching Cartoon Network while Tim and Ella headed out one evening to Universal Studios.Tim had a free ticket (worth $100) courtesy of IBM and we decided after much deliberation that Ella should accompany him. She had developed a very strong liking for rollercoasters, and it was an unforgettable experience for her. IBM had hired out Universal Studios for the night and were supplying all food and drinks, plus unlimited rides. This was a fantastic opportunity as there were only a couple of thousand people in the park, so there was barely any queuing for rides.Ella stayed out with Tim and his work friends until 11pm, doing the Incredible Hulk ride 5 times. Several corkscrew twists, a loop-the-loop, etc. The Spiderman ride made them both feel nauseous, but apparently they had a special evening together.