Value Chain for Information — The Movie!

Two ideas have converged. Elias Bizannes wrote about the Value Chain for Information which I have been thinking about, then I saw Sacha Chua’s Web2.0 @ Work which was done with a Nintendo DS and got really excited about wanting to make something similar. The main difference is I wanted to try make mine as an actual movie, rather than a series of slides.I give you the Value Chain for Information — The Movie![youtube=]This is my first attempt at using a Nintendo DS to create a presentation and I’ve learnt a few things on the way. I’d do it differently next time (For example, the each stroke ends up as one frame so I’d use more strokes! On the Nintendo there are lovely sweeping wipes of each screen, but you don’t see these as they are a single frame in the movie), I’d also probably use some more colours! But I’m content enough for a first attempt. Sacha has a great guide here that tells you how to do it, I also used Wired’s more detailed Wiki as well.I hope you enjoy it and that it adds some value along the way to Elias idea which is growing on me as I consider it further.