I’m currently in the middle of another work trip, part of it to Vancouver, Canada which is exciting because it’s a new destination for me. It’s a two week trip, Melbourne-LA-Vancouver, Vancouver-Las Vegas-Tampa, then Tampa-Dallas-LA-Melbourne – lots of flying. I spent all last week, Monday through Friday in Vancouver, Saturday I travelled to Tampa to spend Sunday through Wednesday here (it’s Monday night in Tampa and I’m writing this in my hotel room).The reason for Vancouver is that our global CIO is based there, so three of us flew in to work on a project and share information with him. He is very proud of his home-town, and rightly so! He insisted that we hire a Beaver (small seaplane) flight over Vancouver to at least get out of the office and appreciate the surrounding beauty. Boy am I glad that we did, it is a very stunning place. These photos don’t do it justice at all, but Vancouver and it’s surrounding harbour and bays, all lined with mountains is a really pretty place.

From Work Travel

The plane at the front is the one that we went up on.

From Work Travel

Looking out over the harbour towards the mountains. The Winter Olympics will be held here in 2010.

From Work Travel

It was around 20C in Vancouver, but the surrounding mountains still have snow on the caps which gives you a sense of how high they are.

From Work Travel

Fly by of the city.We had a great time and it was worth the 1 1/2 hour break from work to enjoy seeing a little bit more of where we were for a change.As I mentioned earlier, this week I’m in Tampa which is enjoyable too, not because it’s scenic, but because it’s fun catching up with work mates. Currently the weather here is 38C and HUMID, thankfully they have lots of great air-conditioning.On Wednesday evening I’m heading home, arriving back Friday at 7.55AM and then I meet Karina and the Kids at the Airport in Melbourne to get on a flight to Perth at 10.40AM for a weekend away visiting with Tiff, Steve and Jade. The only thing that bothers me is the fact the footy is on Friday night and I really want to watch it, but from experience I think I’m going to be tired and I’ll probably nod off asleep. Hopefully it’s a close match.