Visa application progress

With the Visa in progress we’ve been awaiting news.  Recieved e-mail confirmation today that they at least have it in the form of a notice letting us know that the paper work was incomplete.  Very frustrating after all the effort that we went to.Anyway, turns out that the marriage “certificate” we signed on our wedding day is a useless piece of paper as far as proving we are married actually goes! We need instead an official extract from the Births, Deaths, Marriages in SA.Karina got cracking on it straight away, and after sweet talking the department in SA, they’ve express posted one out to us which we should get tomorrow.  We then send it on to Canberra, so they should have everything they need by Thursday.Overall, not too much of a delay, the positive news is that the indications are that the rest of the documentation is in good order, so I’m hopeful that it will all go smoothly from here and we may get the visa back by next week which means the leaving date of the 6th still looks good.