Visitors for Christmas

Friday was my first day of annual leave for the Christmas break. 17 days off to look forward to! We got straight into the swing of things with a few visitors.Jaspers teacher from London, Miss Bell (Amanda) has an Australian boyfriend, Andrew who is from Melbourne so she’s come out with him to visit with his family for a couple of weeks. It was a great oppurtunity to catch up and say hi and Amanda and Andrew came by early to have lunch with Karina and I, then we walked to the school to meet Ella and Jasper.The kids really enjoyed catching up with Amanda again, as did we, it was nice to think back to being in London.


Ella and Amanda enjoying Uncle Lindsay’s Christmas Cake.


Jasper and Amanda.After this, Inta, Michael and Clinton came around to visit as well. Clinton and Jasper went to creche (Gum Nut) together, but went to different primary schools; they’ve both just completed grade 1. Whenever they catch up they seem to have a great time together and today was no exception, they were both excited to see each other and had a really good play.


Jasper and Clinton.We loved catching up with Inta and Michael as well and after Karina’s roast dinner, we all drove over to the Boulevard to see the Christmas lights on display. By the end of the evening we were all tired and Jasper even slept in this morning… to 6.30AM!Tomorrow I’m taking Ella, Jasper and Ella Marsich down to Phillip Island for an overnight trip (in the moke), then Monday night Mum and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) are arriving, so it’s two days with the Grandparents then Christmas! The week is going to go very quickly.