We have a roof!

Pictures speak louder than words today. After some terrible weather, we have a perfect day, just when the roof sheeting arrives. It’s really looking sensational. After travelling to canberra for the day I also managed to get home early enough to enjoy a beer with the boys just on knock off time, beautiful weather, good company, a great deck (well will be once the decking is down anyway) and a cold beer — it doesn’t get much better than that.


The detail of the new roof adjoining the old roof. There is a new box gutter constructed between the two to cover the flat section. Talking with James, there will be a small hole from the existing gutter to ease the load on the current downpipe and divert some of the water off to the new downpipe which will be at the end of the box gutter.


The roof! Standing on the corner of the deck looking back at the the new room. A great time for photo’s the light is sensational.


Detail of the new step (actually finished earlier this week) between the new room and the old part of the house. It will all be clad in the spotted gum flooring.


Standing in the far corner of the new room looking back at the house. All the weatherboards are now removed. James and Jason are itching to break through into the rest of the house! We will be clearing out the laundry, pantry and second bathroom over the weekend so that they can start getting “stuck in”!