Week 11: Plaster starts going up

Week 11: Plaster starts going up

Blogger is still causing me some problems with picture loading! Not sure what it different, but it’s a 50 / 50 excercise at the moment. Will see how we go this morning… and I finally figured it out. Had my directories confused and was trying to load original graphics at 1.5 MB instead of the compressed files. No wonder!

This week the plasterers have started.


The pantry and laundry before plaster.


Ella in the middle of the old kitchen — plaster now up on the walls. The pantry and laundry now hidden away behind the sheets on the left.


Looking back towards where the new kitchen will go. You can also see the new wall creating a hall to what will be the bathroom and Jaspers room. The hole in the end of the wall is the feature nische — will be lit and contain a vase.


Looking down the new hall. The bathroom is at the end, Jaspers room on the left and the righ hand wall will be a linen press.

We also spent some time outside over the weekend and started oiling the underside of the deck cladding as well as the outside of the window frame. Depending on how the plastering goes this week, we will probably start painting inside, particularly the ceilings etc. while it’s nice and easy!