Week 185: 2020's Greatest Hits

A very quiet week as Karina had COVID again, so we've been self-isolating for the most part.

Week 185: 2020's Greatest Hits
Relaxing in the sun, recovering.

AKA Covid... again.

There's really not a great deal to update this week. We arrived back in Mytiline, excited to see our friends. Karina had a bad headache and a runny nose that started on Sunday morning and worsened on Monday.

Seamus invited us to join him and Sandy on Cooinda for a drink, which I did (and also met with Sarah and Peter and enjoyed a delightful Moussaka that Sandy had made). Karina decided to stay on Matilda as she wasn't feeling well at all. Seamus and Sandy had a spare COVID test, which I took gratefully, and on Tuesday morning, we tested Karina, and lo and behold, it's COVID again.


She's fine—and now, on Sunday morning, almost completely better. But the right thing to do is isolate, so we've spent the week back here in Mytiline–ready to socialise and see our friends–isolating on the boat. I seem to have either missed it completely or if I have it, I am asymptomatic this time.

That all goes to say there's really not much to report this week! On Monday, I celebrated my 53rd birthday with a new pair of headphones (purchased last week) to replace the ones that were eaten by the dogs in the UK. I also completed the first draft of my next novel, seventy-seven thousand words of Cozy Fantasy, about a goblin who becomes a tour guide in a fantasy world that might have some parallels with Greece. The working title is Goblins & Guidebooks.

If you're interested in an alpha read, let me know. It's not for everyone and very different from the last book, but I'm very happy with it, although there's still a lot of work to go into the second draft.

On Tuesday, the marina held a BBQ. It's the start of the Lent period for the Greek Orthodox church, and traditionally, they eat all the meat. All the liveaboards were invited along, and I went and enjoyed a souvlaki and some great company. Karina unfortunately had to miss out, but I did steal a plate of food to bring back to Matilda for her.

By Wednesday, Karina was much improved, and she's been busy working on cleaning and putting things back together on Matilda as the weather continues to improve. The rear cockpit bimini is up again, and the cushions for the flybridge are cleaned and restored to their rightful place so we can sit up top and enjoy the sun.

A boat in the runway - first one I've seen moving here in months.

The marina is starting to come alive after winter, with boats moving around, engines firing up, and mechanics and their tools spilling out over the docks. We're all starting to get excited about the new season ahead. It's not long to go now, and we'll be cruising in April and exploring some more islands. Our mechanic was back on board on Wednesday, and the oil change was completed—only a couple of small jobs left for the new season's maintenance to be done.

Until next time,

Tim & Karina