Week 5: Tuesday, bad weather

Good progress was made yesterday with the outriggers, noggins and battens completed for the roof. James said there would be a small delay waiting for the roofing material (colourbond steel) to arrive.

This has worked out well because the weather today was atrocious — I seriously doubt any progress could have been made anyway as it was so gusty as to be dangerous.

A grab bag of pictures today.


Me emptying the flower bed which will need to go because of the new deck. It’s empty now and just waiting some inspiration on how to move it!


Hopefully the only time the new living room gets used for a swimming pool!


Monday’s progress, completed roof frame.


One of only three visible signs of progress today! The first hole inside the house into the beam above the kitchen which has to be moved into the roof. Obviously premliminary investigation to work out what to do — quite possibly some work in the roof as well but not sure.


A sample picture of the new flooring from Jude. The wood is spotted gum. This is what our finished floor boards will approximate we hope.