Week 9: Exciting times!

Week 9: Exciting times!

Highlight for me so far is taking two days off this week to build the garden beds under the deck and also to oil the cladding. After a few false starts, mis-measurements and general uncertainty, I was really pleased with where Dad and I ended up today.

The first visibile progress on the new extension for a couple of weeks occured as well, with the blackbutt posts going in. We’ve also had a plumber, the skylight contractor and a delivery of plumbing supplies as well; all indications we are moving ahead.

Another major item underway is the re-location of the main support beam in the kitchen up into the roof, this clears the way for the removal of the kitchen ceiling and is probably one of the last major structural items left to go.


Plumber burning out the old glue to put in a new fitting.


Blackbutt posts installed and framing almost finished — ready to be measured up for the windows now.


A close up of a post with my hand to give a sense of scale.


James and Chris at work, they removed the window frame in the existing house to put in a new support post.


The progress so far today on the new planter box under the deck. Tommorrow we will level it and straighten it then concrete it into place.


Rushing to pack up at the end of the day, Chris had an unfortunate run-in with the fastening container. I believe this is his first job tomorrow to sort them out again.