What the heck are plimsolls?

I thought England would be so like Australia, after all, it is kinda the original home? I have been surprised at some of the differences:

  1. Kids do sport at school inside, and have to wear plimsolls. After asking around a few Mums at school, I determined that these are black sneakers with elastic instead of laces. Kids take their shoes off and wear these for PE class. Weird….
  2. A nursery is where little babies grow, not a place to buy plants
  3. Nobody says ‘no worries’ and now I feel weird when I say it
  4. Everyone needs to know where you live (social status thing) and sometimes that’s important in Australia, but here I get asked this question before anyone introduces themselves! It usually goes like this……. “where are you from?”  then “where do you live?” and saying the suburb isn’t enough, you have to say the street name.
  5. There are no suburbs in the inner city, everywhere is just ‘London’ and you just say what main road you are near.
  6. Public toilets only have hot water taps, and some female cubicles have harnesses on the wall to strap your child in while you’re on the loo.

Fun discovering all these differences….