Why AFL is better... or funnier at least.

From The Age 

By contrast, after Saturday’s embarrassment, Connolly said Jesus Christ himself would have struggled to fire in the Demons forward line.“I have been challenged on that. I said Jesus Christ wouldn’t have kicked any goals at centre half-forward because we would have moved him into the back line,” Connolly said on Monday.“He still would have had a fantastic game, I’m sure.”— Chris Connolly, Melbourne Football Manager

 You just don’t get classic comments like this one over here in the British press.  I was on the floor in stitches.Personally, I think if Jesus Christ was a footballer, I doubt he would of been a forward.  He doesn’t strike me as a flashy type of player, I mean can you imagine Jesus in Warwick Capper shorts?  No, there’s already been one God playing AFL (Garry Ablett Sr.) at Full Forward, Buddha (Garry Hocking) had a run as a mid-fielder, so I think Jesus would have to play as a full-back, maybe a Centre Half Back, it depends how tall he is.