Working in Tampa

Working in Tampa

I’m currently in Tampa for work at the moment and while I miss Karina and the kids, it’s a really nice change from the weather in London.  Today it was freezing in London, ice in the puddles and so forth while in Tampa it’s 28C.  Perfect weather.Here are a few photos from my trip.


An Alligator in the lake outside the office in Tampa — he’s called Elvis and lives on an island in the lake which is about 3 – 4 metres away from the building. The cafe has signs saying “Do not feed the alligators”!


Some of the team resting on Clearwater Beach on the gulf of Mexico over the weekend.


Myself with Thomas Klocke, one of the team from Germany.


The sunset over Clearwater Pier on the weekend.


Last rays of the sunset over the beach.


Silhouettes at sunset.