The big decision

By Karina Rook

So, how do you know if you made the right decision to move to San Francisco?

Your brain says “there’s more career options” or, “without some risk there is no reward”. Logically it’s the next step forward.

Your conscience says “the kids have just settled into the new school year here, shame to upset that” or, “I just promised to help with the cake stall, I can’t back out now”. There’s always reasons to stay put.

Your heart says “I want an adventure instead of being stuck in a rut” or, “you only live life once”. You’ve often taken the safe route, time for some fun?

Your wallet says “it’s so expensive to rent there”, or “we’ve just finished renovating the house, it’s not a great time to sell or rent it out”. It will cost you to move.

For me, having an opportunity to relocate to San Francisco was too good to ignore. I think if we didn’t move, I’d always be wondering what I’d missed out on. Yes, we have missed some events from home, but in the grand scheme of things these seem small now.

Your decision should result in no regrets.